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Advice For Voiceover Artists Right Now

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Advice for Voiceover Artists Right Now


So, the world is in crisis right now. The coronavirus is affecting everyone, every walk of life, every continent and every industry. There is a lot of fear right now and here at The VoiceOver Network we want to help our wonderful voiceover community. In times of crisis like what we are currently experiencing coming together as a voiceover community is incredibly important.

I believe and I have always believed that we work in the best industry in the world. We are very lucky at the moment as most of us have home studios so the ability to work from home.

I asked some of my favourite people and friends in the voiceover industry ‘What advice do you have for voiceover artists right now?’ and here is want they shared –





‘The world is in crisis. Everything has changed seemingly over night. So, what should you, the voice actor do? First, do your part. Stay home unless you’re going out for essentials. Stay in touch via our numerous ways of connecting. Throw a Zoom party on your big screen TV.

OK, that may be going too far.

But what about your VO career? This is a good time to up your knowledge base about anything you’d like to learn from the thousands of instructional videos on Youtube and Vimeo. Become a better engineer and mixer for your home studio. Learn the tricks of trade of Skype, Zoom, and Connection Open. Finally take that workshop (online of course) on the genre you’ve always wanted to try. Touch base with clients to see how they and their families are doing. Be of service to others.

That said, take a deep breath and relax a little. No doubt you’re gonna binge watch some TV. Watch with friends via FaceTime. Read a book, or write one. Call people who may feel alone, especially if you yourself are feeling alone. Did you want to learn a new language? Go for it. Work out. Not at the gym, but in your living room doing old school calisthenics. No machines, no weights, and maybe some stretches and yoga.

Remember, though it might feel like you’re all alone, you’re not. We are all in this together and that’s how we will get through this, however long it may be, together.

Oh, and of course don’t forget #AskDaveFennoyAnything, Wednesdays at 6pm Pacific time on Facebook Live.’

All the best,

Dave Fennoy, Voice Actor


The good thing about being a voiceover talent is we're used to being alone in our home studios and working remotely; we have become accustomed and comfortable with that.  Heading out to a different studio is a fun "field trip" and adventure.  So now...without a choice, we have to stay home and self isolate. How do you get through this?  Try things you haven't tried before.

Work on reads that you need to perfect. Take some online coaching and join online group chats or training sessions. Organize your home office, your studio or maybe your sock drawer!  Update your website and your marketing materials.  All those things you kept putting off, now is the time to make the time to do them.  Why not? You've got lots of time now!

Take care, stay healthy, wash your hands and enjoy your home.’

Mary-Lynn Wissner, Casting Director


Stay smart, stay sane, use this time wisely. You know how the month of August is very slow? Right now it’s August jacked up on steroids for the entire world. There’s zero time to panic, get depressed, complain, or feel sorry for yourself. There’s only time for action. The only thing you can control is your actions. So take action now. Make 2 lists. List 1: What current clients can you reach out to when this is all over and ask if they’re ok? List 2: What prospective clients can you reach out to and ask if they’re ok? Don’t ask them for a job. Just ask them how they are. They need emotional support as much as we do. We are all in this together. In times like these our inner monologues turn into outer monologues. The ones who go into panic mode and relentlessly beg for jobs without asking how the other person / client / company is doing will fail and make a complete ass out of themselves. But the ones who ask if their current clients and future prospects are ok.. the ones who are kind first… the ones who don’t make it all about them but rather make it all about the other person…. Those people win.’

Jonathan Tilley, Voice Actor


Try to be still and sense the positive changes that this situation is bringing about. There is an irony here - we’re required to be separate yet we’re creating new ways to connect with each other. Stay well.’

Dian Perry, Voice Actor


If you’re in isolation, consider how you can use the extra time you have to create something that can benefit others long term. It might be an online training, a book you’ve often thought about or a how-to guide that others in your industry might find useful. Start that blog. Create that video or podcast. Think about how you can use your skills and talents to give back in some way. This extra time can be valuable in positioning you in your niche. Focus on what you CAN do, and not what you can’t. How often do you have the luxury of time on your hands. The sooner you can turn this into a positive, the easier it’ll be to cope in challenging times.’

Anna Parker-Naples, Entrepreneur, Author and Audiobook Narrator


As a forward thinker my first thought is to focus on the things I can control, secondly on how I can improve my situation given the circumstance I am in. Being a voice talent/audio producer fortunate enough to have clients in many countries I divide my plan locally and internationally. First thing I did on Monday was getting in touch with every local Advertising Agency, producer and client, and informed them that I am still in business and that my studio has the capacity to work remotely for voiceover work, audio production and mixing. They’re happy to know that as voice talent I can record myself, produce and mix their spots. That’s why It’s important to develop an infrastructure capable of offering this kind of services via teleconference, Source Connect, ipDTL, among others. Even big agencies with their own in-house studios and production demonstrated a positive feedback since they’re not allowed to work from their usual locations due to the quarantine and curfew. Internationally it’s a bit more complicated due to many factors like governmental decrees but staying in communication and well informed is the way to go. Also, follow your agents’ instructions and work plan for this kind of situations and don’t stop auditioning. But the most important factor in all of this is you. Please don’t take unnecessary risks and put your health and safety first always because without health nothing else matters.’

Antonio Fornaris, Voice Actor, Sound Engineer


‘My advice for voiceover artists and voice actors right now is to firstly look after yourself. Your health is incredibly important so make sure you not only wash your hands but make sure you eat healthily. We all need our immune systems to be working to the best of their abilities and food is a wonderful way to boost our bodies and help them to be strong. Lemon is an amazing fruit, kiwi fruit, leafy greens, garlic and there are many more but these are a few just to think about.

Stay active, it’s important even if you’re in self isolation that you stay active. So get on youtube and find some yoga videos, keep fit videos, go for a run, walk or cycle.

Look after those around you and be there for your family and friends.

Also make sure you find some humour. I know times are difficult but watch some comedy, play at home with your kids etc. Laughter releases a wonderful chemical in the brain which helps your immune system.’

Rachael Naylor, Entrepreneur, Voice Actor, Founder of The VoiceOver Network


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