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'A Whole new World of Voice Acting' with Jennifer Trujillo Interview by Alan Shires

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'A Whole new World of Voice Acting' with Jennifer Trujillo Interview by Alan Shires at The VoiceOver Network - Above and BeVOND





AS: What is your favourite part about your job?

JT: My favourite part of my job is working with new talent, that is an exciting thing to do, giving someone their first job in animation or in Disney, these are really cool things.


AS: It sounds so rewarding! How does a voice over artist find their way into the casting room with you?

JT: We rely heavily on talent agents - usually LA based - so that is one of the early steps to getting in front of us, so you want to have a relationship with someone in LA who can put you up for roles to get in front of us. We wouldn’t usually need you to come to Los Angeles which is nice.





AS: Well that’s good news as I am in the UK and don’t want to hop on an aeroplane right now!

JT: Yeah, it’s a long flight.


AS: So, what is your top tip for a voice over to book the job when they make it in front of you?

JT: The most important thing to all of our shows is comedy, so it is up to you as an actor to make sure your performance is funny in some way which sometimes isn’t always super obvious on the page of slides you get. It is your job to figure out where you can insert something to make the read a bit funnier, you can use improv to add bits and pieces or you can add sounds and things like that to elevate your performance to the funniest it can possibly be.





AS: Amazing! So in your role what is your biggest challenge and how do you overcome it?

JT: My biggest challenge working at a big company like Disney, we are very large and it is very corporate, so there is a lot of meetings and a lot of people needing to weigh in on every decision for the most part, so it can be pretty frustrating like any other corporate job needing approval and stuff like that.


AS: Sounds good! What has been your favourite show to make so far and why?

JT: I am very proud of Elena Of Avalor, we were very successful with the show and it is something I have felt like I have had a lot of creative input on as we have a great executive producer and he is super collaborative, and he really trusts me as a casting director which is amazing! So I am super super proud of it.


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