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Learning the art of Voice Acting for Video Games

By Toni Frutin Tuesday, 21 February 2017

I took Dave course last February having had no previous experience of the video game industry. I wanted to add another string to my bow, and this course certainly gave me that. I'm now booking paid jobs and working in a world that this time last year I knew nothing about. There really is nobody better to coach acting in video games, than the legendary Dave Fennoy. He is such a talented actor,  a fascinating guy who knows the industry inside out. 

Finding the real character

There were varying degrees of experience in the room. I was certain I would be the only novice, but as is the way with the Voiceover Network courses, we are all equal no matter how new you are to it. It was essentially an acting class. It wasn't about doing wacky things with your voice (although that came into it too) it was about finding the real character. We got the opportunity to read scripts which he then directed. This could have been daunting, but he had created such a safe and supportive working environment that it was just so much fun. When we got into the studio to record, it gave me a taste of what it would be like to book a big job. It was really exciting!
The weekend wasn't just about the performance side of things though, we got useful information about what should be in our demos, where to look for work and who to approach. He taught us how to deal with auditions, and then if we book, how to approach the job itself. We asked him constant questions and he shared his vast knowledge with us.


The people I met that weekend on the course I consider my friends now. We are in regular contact, we help each other with voiceover or video game queries all the time. 


I'm working on a really naturalistic piece at the moment which has been incredible. Its a very heart-felt, quiet character and a fairly substantial part. A stark contrast to the high energy and bloodthirsty nature of the previous character I booked. I love the variety of characters I get to play in video games, and I doubt I'd be getting the opportunities I am if I hadn't taken the leap and attended Dave's course. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned video game actor, this course is for you. 

By Toni Frutin

Having trained as an actress over a decade ago, Toni now focuses on voiceover and voice acting. She can be heard most evenings on STV (Scottish Television) where she has been a continuity announcer for the past 8 years. She records a vast array of voice work from her home studio in Glasgow. From corporate readings to video games and everything in between.

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