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The Power of Our Voice - World Voice Day

Friday, 15 April 2016

The power of our Voice
On 16th April it’s World Voice Day (WVD), a worldwide annual event that is devoted to the celebration of the phenomenon of voice.
Our voices are our most powerful tools. We can use our voices not just to communicate but to educate, inspire, inform as well as sell products. Voices are a big part of branding for companies too and voices like that of Marcus Bentley (Big Brother) and Dave Lamb (Come Dine with Me) as well as Jon Briggs (the voice of Siri) and Dave Fennoy (voice of Lee Everett in The Walking Dead Video Game) are now integral parts of these shows and companies.

They talk to their audiences and relay information as well as building trust. Picking the right voiceover is a very important job for companies and production companies.

The Voiceover industry is an incredibly exciting industry that is going through some massive changes right now. It used to be the little brother to the acting industry but this has now changed. With people like Kevin Spacey and Samuel L Jackson getting in on the action it’s become a respected industry and profession. Areas of this industry like video games and audiobooks are booming with the video games industry more than doubling the size of the Film Industry and Music Industry together!

However, it is an industry that has been in the shadows for too long and many voice artists feel neglected and ignored and it’s a constant struggle to ensure that standards remain high in both talent and rates.

In an industry that is notoriously well known for being lonely, isolated and competitive, our vision is to make VON feel like a home. A place where industry professionals at any level of their career can feel part of something bigger than themselves and reap the benefits by having a place to come to, to ask for advice, share tips, meet other professionals, get the best training, enroll in workshops with the most passionate of coaches and build their career into any direction they so wish. We also produce a quarterly magazine called ‘The Buzz’ jam packed with industry news and articles written by some of the most respected industry professionals.

It is now easier than ever for people to set up home studios so we want to help make sure that people that do join our growing industry get the best advice and are up to the right standards. This is what VON is all about, building a community that industry professionals can learn from and share.

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