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Voiceover Artists in the Spotlight

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Voiceover Artists in the Spotlight

By Rachael Naylor

I’ve been working as a voiceover artist for many years now. I’ve seen a lot of the changes over the years with new technology, P2P sites, the rise in training, coaches etc. Voiceovers used to be an unknown job. It was the job that resting actors did and they didn’t talk about it. There was only a handful of voiceover artists who were booking all the work. Back then all work came via your voiceover agent. Fast forward a few years and there are more voiceover artists now than there have ever been. The internet has had a big role to play in this and home studio equipment being more accessible now than it’s ever been. But being a voiceover artist is not an easy career choice and it takes a lot of hard work, talent, persistence and dedication.

Voiceovers used to be the little brother to the acting industry.

This has now changed.

I set up The VoiceOver Network as a membership organisation in January 2015 to create a home for voiceover professionals. A place where we could all join together to support each other as well as to learn and share. My vision has always been about strengthening our wonderful industry and getting voiceover artists more of the respect that we deserve. It is not an easy career choice and those who have been in the industry for many years know the hard work that they have put in to carve out their careers and businesses.

I am and continue to be a working voiceover artist as well as running The VoiceOver Network. I love my job and every day I feel grateful to be able to work in this incredible industry.

I have been working very hard to get voiceover artists the respect as an industry that we all deserve. Here at The VoiceOver Network we are working with many agents, casting directors, vocal coaches and top industry pros to raise the standards and help this wonderful industry that we are lucky to work in.

This picture was taken at our Above and BeVOND 2017 in London

I am very pleased and excited to announce that The VoiceOver Network are partnering with Spotlight. Spotlight is the most respected and longest running casting platform in the UK. They started in 1927 and have established themselves as the go to place for casting directors and actors in the UK. If you are an actor, then you know that being on spotlight is incredibly important.


Spotlight have very strict criteria and you have to be a trained and working professional to have a profile on their website. It is not an open platform like many P2P sites and other casting platforms. Only Casting Directors and agents have access to look through the members profiles. This means that it is only for professionals. Everyone who applies is looked at and goes through a strict vetting system. They have always asked for acting credits, so onscreen and/or theatre credits or Drama School accredited training are what you need to have a profile and join Spotlight. I have been working with Spotlight and I am excited to say that now Spotlight will be recognising Video Game, Audiobook and Animation work as credits. I will be working with Spotlight to help them with this transition. It is very exciting and it means that voice actors will be able to join and stand alongside actors. This has been something that has been talked about in the voiceover community for years and it has been brought up at a few of our VOND events. I am very pleased and proud to be partnering with such a fantastic fellow membership organisation that stands for many of the things we stand for here at The VoiceOver Network – raising standards in our industry and promoting professionalism.

Photo taken at our 'Above and BeVOND 2017' event in London 

The VoiceOver Network is about helping, supporting and strengthening the voiceover industry.

By Rachael Naylor

Rachael is the founder of The VoiceOver Network as well as being a working voiceover artist, actor, editor of The Buzz Magazine, host of The Voiceover Hour, motivational speaker, award winning entrepreneur and writer.


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